Ask complex questions about your data

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How it Works
Talk. Ask Questions. Never Forget

You won't forget important information anymore about your loved ones, business contacts, or things you've done. You’ll have one central place to store information, accessible from everywhere. Deep Reason is so simple, your grandfather could use it. Just talk to it like another person.

Intuitive interface for collaboration

You know all those birthdays you forget (whether it's clients or friends) ? And when you last called your friend ? When you last had coffee with that ex-colleague? Who did you lend that book to again? In today’s crazy world, it’s barely possible to keep track of what people important to you are doing with their lives.

Operate the software in real time from any device

Deep Reason works on your iPhone or Android device , as a Windows application or in a web browser

Ask about Video or Images

You can ask Deep Reason questions about things in the images or videos on your phone or computer. For example, if there is a picture of you holding a pear or apple on a beach, you could ask: "Show me pictures of myself holding fruit"

Ask questions about any of your files

Want to find a file where someone mentions giving money or moving to Europe ? You can be as broad or specific as you want with Deep Reason