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Don't search thousands of documents with keywords anymore. Use complex plain english queries, because DeepR reads the contract text for you and surfaces key pieces of data automatically.


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Our NLP search tools allow you to ask questions no other tool can do. We also allow full-text search for keywords, phrases, and contract terms across thousands of documents, within seconds.

Up to 35% of most worker's time is spent looking for information

How does DeepR works?

We use NLP & machine learning in our platform, to read, comprehend and draw conclusions based on context. This can be done at scale and results in significant reduction in cost and turnaround time.

3rd party services

DeepR can connect to your favorite applications, providing you with quick access to push and pull information from those systems.

Capture your team's knowledge

Your team can add new information just by chatting with DeepR so the rest of your team can use it anytime, anywhere.